Breaking News: All G20 Meetings Scheduled Via Doodle, Says Doodle

All G20 Meetings Scheduled Via Doodle, Says Doodle

--World leaders highly recommend online scheduling tool, discussing it over morning coffee--

1 April, 2009 – London and Zurich – Doodle, the popular Web 2.0 scheduling tool, is proud to announce all G20 meetings amongst the leaders of the largest 20 economies on the planet have been scheduled via Doodle. During today's morning coffee at Downing Street, world leaders chatted about how much time they saved by scheduling their meetings via Doodle.

President Barack Obama, known for taking things into his own hands, is reputed to have started the first Doodle meeting request. First, he needed to select a date for the conference itself. He offered several dates, including today 1st April and 8th April, creating the Doodle meeting request and emailing it to other world leaders such as Nicolas Sarkozy, Gordon Brown and Angela Merkel. The covering email to the UK Prime Minister is reported to have read 'Hey, Gordy, can you check the time you're free and fire this back to me? Thanks, Barack.'

Aides close to President Obama also indicated his covering email ended with a post script saying, "PS: If the conference is held on April 1st, Michelle and I aren't really going to attend, we'll just send 3D virtual avatars of ourselves. Ha! Gotcha!"

Michael Näf, founder and CEO of Doodle, said, "If Doodle is good enough for the world's leaders, it's good enough for you! Get Doodling."

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