Did Surallan fire the worst of a bad bunch?

Being big, no huge, TV fans here at Re:medial we felt it only fitting to provide a little analysis of the debacle of last night's UK Apprentice. For those unfamiliar, this show is brilliant television and much, much better than its US ancestor. Sir Alan Sugar and his counterparts Nick and Margaret are some of the best TV personalities to erupt on the small screen.

But last night I think Surallan made an error which he seems to make a lot - he blamed the project leader for the whole debacle. The freckly girl with kinky hair was a decent enough team leader, and she (Paula) was responsible for a nicely turned out product, however she pointed the 'costings' blame squarely on Ben and Yasmina. How on earth it's a good idea to put two people in charge of simple math, I've no idea. And this turned out to be her fatal error; Ben got off the hook by not really being responsible for making the ridiculous £700 per kilo versus £26 per kilo error (plus he DID pull his socks up during the sales bit and adds a welcome bit of humour to the sordid lot) and Yasmina was weaselly enough in the boardroom to point all the blame at her team leader even though she was clearly the one who made the critical math error.

Surallan often blames the project leader for big mistakes. In this case, I think he should have overlooked the damage to his pride that Paula's team had made a loss, and fired Yasmina for being generally sneaky and error-prone. But the team leader simply shifted responsibility, and didn't take on any proper delegation to ensure the roles would work out, and for that reason he ultimately felt she needed to go.

Paula didn't even see through Yasmina's BS and went on to say she should win it in her taxi ride. This I don't get.

In general, show producers really scraped the bottom of the barrel for candidates this season and alas we wind up with such atrocious outcomes as making a loss on a task as simple as soap making (with a bunch of experts on hand to tell you how to do it and completely free ingredients available such as 3 overflowing buckets [er, 300 grams] of seaweed).

God help Surallan this season..... he's got his work cut out for him.

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