Unsavvy Zavvi, but who even knows if that rhymes?

I've walked past it countless times and yet never heard anyone say the name out loud. "Let's head to Zavvi's" hasn't exactly been on the tip of my mates' tongues. So it was unsurprising that 22 stores have closed. I feel bad for the 180 odd employees being laid off in the music industry's latest blight, but are they the only ones who care?

Tip: if you're going to do bricks and mortar in the face of the digital music revolution, there must be something to your brand. People need to be talking about you, and it needs to be more compelling than £9.99 CDs. How about customer experience? Go to an Apple store. I want to see a gigantic futuristic motherboard with every CD released in the past three months with a high tech labyrinth of scaffolding to climb around and look at the album covers, play music over digital headphones, poke and prod the CD. I'm clearly not a store designer, but visual impact is what I'm getting at. I don't want to fiddle with poorly-advertised barcode scanning technology. I just want to be wowed. Buying music in bricks and mortar used to be fun. Someone, somewhere, please get it right - after all, the cost of entry must be pretty low these days with all the clearance music around the joint.

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