Tweet me six ways to Sunday

I've been using Twitter for about 6mos, only for work, not personal life. Already got Facebook for that. I'm not shy to admit it took at least 5 weeks until I really 'got' how Twitter helped my job - and a certain client gets the bragging rights for converting me. Now I find it invaluable.

My quandary is this: as my Twitterverse grew, so did the number of people I follow. How many is too many? In general, if someone works in a related area, I like to follow them. I try to follow people back for good digital etiquette purposes. But with 350 people on my 'following' list, I miss a lot of Tweets I'd like to see.

I wish there was a 'filter out the nonsense about eating a ham sandwich for lunch, and just keep the business Tweets' application. It would be cracking. Developers - get a move on!

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