Blogger on leave. I repeat - blogger on leave.

Hi Readers,

Just a quick note from this blogger to say, thanks for all the attention and support over the past year or so since Re:medial's inception. You have probably noticed our blogging has slowed down. This is primarily because I'm off on maternity leave now for my first baby. So, thanks for reading and we'll kick things off again after my maternity leave.

I put up a little tribute to PR in my Facebook status which I'll repeat here for your pleasure :-)

"Farewell to being a spin dr for now. Bye, press releases, briefings & conferences. So long, dealing with the overworked and underpaid press corps. Farewell to the constant battle against hyperbole and broken English. Ciao, inventing news out of thin air, pitching non-stories to irate journalists & teaching clients to employ the lethal cocktail of charm, evasion and persuasion. Bye, PR - catch you on the flip side!"


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