Twitter a PR love-in, says Hitwise

Hitwise posted a picture today of the news sites that receive traffic direct from Twitter. And oh, oh yes, these numbers are sweet.

Twitter delivered a staggering 9.7 per cent of all its traffic to sites in the 'news and media' category in April 2009.

Why do we love this? It is the best PR tool since sliced press releases. It proves that the Tweetvolution was largely thanks to PR people and journalists championing it. It goes further to show the power of PR. And finally, one could even extrapolate that this means PR people do, indeed 'get it,' and understand how to utilise the digital medium.

It's also super interesting to see which news sites are using Twitter the best. Although The Guardian will always front itself as top of the pops in this regard, even Sky News, who some Guardian journalists guffawed for appointing the media industry's first 'Twitter' correspondent earlier this year, is attracting more traffic from Twitter. She's doing a great job and props to Sky for the foresight as it's obviously not done them any harm.

We like this very much. Thank you, Hitwise.

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