Podcasts cash in on time poverty

Finally, a news story about a media that's on the rise - podcasting.

In 2009 we are time-poor, cash-poor, constantly on the move and looking for escapism. Podcasting emerges as the brilliant solution to all this. iTunes will download your podcasts automatically while you are doing other things, which is pure genius. It also offers one of the most exciting new advertising platforms for advertisers looking to reach very targeted, very relevant audiences. You don't go to the trouble to download a podcast unless you're really interested in the content it contains. This level of relevancy has clear opportunities for flailing advertising markets.

AdWeek says that by 2013, 17 per cent of US web users will download a podcast at least once a month. I reckon that number could jump considerably if some 'big,' popular content took off in the mainstream.

At this point in the face of so much negative news, especially about media (such as today's ITV layoffs story) I am gripping onto positive media stories like a fat boy on cake. It's a crass expression, but it does the job.

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