Doodle 4 Google... but only if you're in the 50 states

Google has announced its Doodle 4 Google contest, whereby US students grades K-12 can submit drawings for a unique Google logo on the theme 'What I wish for the world' and compete for a sizable college scholarship. Cynically speaking I always love an idea that forces people to design stuff for you for free, and make your logo more interesting - plus this has a 'feel-good' ring to it - but hang on a minute, did you say US students only?

If the aim of this contest is, let's face it, to make a US-based brand look good (and world-wise), why not open it up to students all over the world? Yes, the US is on the brink of change with a new administration, but globalisation is increasingly resulting in the outcome that we are in this together. People all over the world, not just in the States, feel the 'on the brink of something' feeling. I wish Google had done the more daring thing and flexed its international muscles with this contest. Sure, it would be an admin nightmare, but surely the brainpower at Google can wrap its head around that. It would have been way more powerful both in PR value, as well as its ability to demonstrate a truly worldwide connection.

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