Avoiding Marketing Cliches

For journalists and consumers alike, it’s baffling why so many companies aren’t willing to just use plain English to describe what they provide. Just what is an “innovative provider of fully-integrated, leading-edge, end-to-end business solutions” anyway?

We’ve recorded a podcast highlighting the importance of avoiding common stereotypes in marketing speak. Firstly, consumers and journalists want to know exactly what a company does before they consider buying their products or services, or consider writing about them in their articles or blogs.

On the media side this is particularly important as if you're not clear about what you provide then journalists will describe it for you and you lose control of your messaging.

Have a listen to our podcast on the common pitfalls to avoid. These are some of our pet hates:

1) Market/world’s leading: Unless you're BP, Real Madrid or Microsoft, you probably don't lead your category - this phrase is overused
2) Solutions: Everyone seems to offer 'solutions' but that implies there's a problem in the first place. What's the real picture?
3) Award-winning: Aren’t we all? If it's not significant, don't mention it
4) End-to-end: What end to what end?

Here's the podcast, we welcome your comments on your most hated cliches!

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