Whose Dark Materials?

Whisper it gently but we think some people in the social media industry are holding up adoption of social media by trivialising it. Even most of the PR industry appears mystified by the whole thing. What’s my point? Social and digital media is NOT a dark art and the mystery needs to be taken out of it.

A case in point; Hatch PR was interviewed recently on podcasting with B2B Marketing magazine and we share an article with a firm which charges £1,500 for ‘top end’ podcasts. That seems an incredible amount to us, I'd love to know what you get for that. Given that one of the main themes of the article is that podcasts are extremely targeted and not going to give you an audience of thousands, an expensive podcast is quite a risk. We offer podcasts at a fraction of the cost. Overall we don’t believe that social media should be packaged as a dark art that only a few of us can handle. Some elements – such as podcasting – require skills but we shouldn’t put adoption off with high prices. And please, can we boycott the use of the word ‘guru’?

I recommend firms educate themselves on social media – that’s how we all learned, through trial and error. Experiment with podcasts and videos, get blogging, try Twitter out on a personal level, start a debate on LinkedIn and see where it takes you, and read up on the subject:

Meatball Sundae” – Seth Godin

Don’t make me think” – Steve Krug

Get to the top on Google” – Dave Viney

Social Media Marketing for Dummies” – Shiv Singh

And that gives us another cheap excuse to show this video again…

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