Anti-Social Behaviour

Ladies and gentlemen, do not adjust your sets, it is not 2007, but you’d be forgiven if you read entrepreneur Theo Paphitis’ tirade against Facebook abuse at work in today’s Daily Mail. It’s the right organ for this sort of rant but the timing is strange. I thought we’d all ditched the “should we ban Facebook at work?” debate two years ago? Isn’t 2009 all about Twitter at work? And somehow Twitter’s OK because you could argue it’s work related (which for me, it is. I’ll be tweeting this, and I hope you’ll RT it!).

Looking at the bigger picture, I think Theo and/or his PR advisors have decided to focus on this area for such a long opinion piece because social networking as a whole really is having a disruptive effect on UK business and many managers will empathise with Theo’s views. When I say ‘disruptive’ I mean in both senses of the word – the distraction factor for those who are just messing around with their friends and ‘disruptive’ in the way it has shook up the way companies do business.

I recently blogged on what social media means for small businesses and start-ups for SmallBizPod. As long as firms can make the most of their staff’s knowledge of social networking and use it as a force for good then there really could be no reason to ban it at work. So, which kind of ‘disruption’ do you want? Your call.

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