Martyr Complexities

If there’s one thing I don’t miss about agency life it’s the ‘to-do list martyr’. We’ve all worked with them and, worse, seen them on Twitter telling the world how busy they are and how many emails they’ve got to get through before their very, very important client comes in. Not too busy, however, to log onto Twitter and post us regular updates on how busy they are…in case we forgot or didn’t unfollow them in the mean time.

We work in the communications industry, so it made me think about just WHAT the objective of Twitter to-do list martyrs are trying to make. I narrowed it down to:

• Impress the boss: Tell the world how manic you are and the more draconianly-inclined “sweat the assets” types will love it

• Impress the client: “I’m working so hard for you, look, look!” – but then again the client might also think “hmm, I’d rather you slowed down and didn’t hash the work if you’re as stressed as you appear”

• Impress your colleagues: This is more of a bi-product of the above priorities. Look keener than your colleague, thus belittle those who show less “passion” for the cause

• Impress yourself: Nothing like reassuring yourself how vital you are to the whole PR mission

As a client, an employer or even a colleague wouldn't you rather your staff were getting on with their work in a measured, non-stressed, non-dramatic kind of way? If you’re so busy, don’t waste those few disruptive seconds boring the rest of us on Twitter and get on with it so you can actually add something of value to the social network.

Right, rant over, now I can strike “blog about to-do list martyrs” off my to-do list…

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