Combatting the McQuote Culture

As a former full-time journalist and contributor to New Media Knowledge I believe that press releases and other materials sent to journalists should be as close to a journalistic style as possible. This means eliminating ├╝ber-sales text and market-specific in-words. I recall being taught once that you should imagine you’re writing for a 14-year old and make it that understandable for everyone.

Not as many PR firms do this as should, from what I’ve seen, because (a) they don’t have the sufficient experience or writing skills themselves or (b) they’ve become blinded by the brand and assume everyone else knows what their product is/does (c) they’ve buckled to client demands to see mind-numbingly useless (and mostly inaccurate) words in there, like ‘market leading’, ‘award-winning’ and ‘solution’.

Here'e a recent example that's come to my attention with a little skipping over.

“...discrete software package, we can bring powerful and sophisticated multi-channel marketing capabilities to a multitude of organisations......delivers award-winning, high ROI marketing....”

I think you get my point. How will we as an industry reverse this trend?

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