What a Twit!: Those Annoying Twitterances

Twitter, while admittedly an invaluable business tool, brings us face-to-screen with both people we know and people we don’t on a daily, hourly, minute-by-minute basis. Like a lot of over-familiarity, it can breed contempt. As we all hit our X-thousandth update it’s inevitable that we’d have been guilty of annoying some people with our Tweeting habits. Here are some we’ve noticed that particular ire, in no particular order. We’ve been guilty of some of these ourselves. What grates you the most on Twitter?

Random inane tweets: I’ve got X number of X, need to fix that [e.g. “666 followers – spooky – might just do another to get off it!]

Anonymous and inane tweets that say something without saying anything [I just did something that someone felt was weird, but someone else felt something different. Strange huh?]

People who celebrate and offer incentives to get increased numbers of followers, even if half of them are BigTracey187 and LuvYooLongTime69 [Come on Tweeple!!! 498!!! Help me get to 500! Retweet this!!]

People who demand (not ask) to be retweeted on purely self-congratulatory items [see above]

Non-responding egos – they never respond to tweets (probably because they get too many)

Martyrs: I’ve got 400 emails to work through! My inbox might die under the weight of all this PR mail! [Mainly freelance journalists who once, back in 1999, wrote a 500 word piece for The God-ian]

Sympathy seekers: ambiguously written tweets on how bad someone’s day/life/relationship is at that moment in time [God, this day’s gone from worse, I must have a dark cloud following me today] who tweet something like that *every* day

Professionals who put sexually-charged images on of themselves or ‘anonymous’ male Tweeters who put up sexy glamour shots of females they have clearly never met as a way of attracting new followers

The cliques…. [see previous blog post]

Twittering mainly/only about how popular/important Twitter is

People who think Twitter is Facebook and either only update once a day/few days or start with “is thinking that…”

Integrating Facebook updates with Twitter updates [They’re different applications, people. Some get away with it, but in most cases it’s kinda annoying]


  1. I'd definitely add those people who do not fill out their profile info (or picture). Gotta give people a reason to follow you!

    Or how about those people who sign up for Twitter, Tweet once (usually 'Trying to figure out this Twitter thing"), and then sign back in three months later only to discover they still haven't figured it out. Twitter doesn't just make sense one day.

  2. I definitely agree. As a rule, I won't follow people who haven't filled in their biography. If they are trying to be attractive by being 'mysterious' it's definitely not working for them! Also I really get annoyed by that brown / blue square thing that comes up when you don't upload a pic.