Mobile World Progress

One glance my handset while attending Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona this week left me feeling distinctly 2007. All that increased interoperability and Minority Report-style touch screen action led me to agree with a number of people I spoke to that, finally, MWC 2009 - unlike previous years - is not so much about blue sky ideas and concepts but actual demonstrations of next generation mobile technology in action.

The only shame for me was that there weren't as many people as we'd have liked there to see it. For all the GSMA’s talking up of attendance figures there was no disguising the disappointment of the exhibitors I spoke to about footfall at this year’s show.

But this should not detract from the fantastic innovation on show this year and there are plenty of positives. While handset manufacturers will probably suffer a setback this year, I spoke to companies who were seeing 30 per cent growth each month. My only fear is that many of the small, inventive companies on show here this year may not be here in 2010.

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