A Very Social Dilemma

I feel a bit like Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City writing this – but are there certain unwritten rules for PR behaviour according to which social network you’re communicating over?

I say this because I received a PR pitch today over Facebook from an executive who I didn’t know and it was surprising how much it annoyed me. I don’t know about you but I like to think of Twitter and Linked In as professional networks and Facebook as personal – for friends only and an escape from (what for some people is) nine-to-five. Naturally, Facebook is good for some business networking if you’ve opted to sign up for a list or network, but I feel a direct mail from a stranger relating to work wasn’t appropriate. I’ve got email for that, so why not use that medium?

Maybe the protocol for social networking – and social not-working, which I see Facebook as largely – has yet to be established and I know as PR people we should encourage communication on new platforms. I wouldn’t mind at all if this executive was on my list of friends, but they weren’t. Did this individual overstep the accepted bounds of Facebook or is it me that’s not a very sociable networker?


  1. No, you're well within your rights of pissed off-ness. Facebook is my only online personal space. I would be very offended if someone I didn't know pitched me through it.

  2. I also think it's weird and annoying, both. Do you think the exec found you, or (much worse) did the PR find you via one of the PR groups, and tell the exec to send you a note? Now that would be a serious breach of crossing the line.

  3. thanks for the support, I thought I was within my rights to get annoyed. the exec messaged me after finding me in the group at an event I'm going to. *major fail*