People Get Real: Resistence is Futile

It can be hard for businesses to keep up with the latest internet fads but it is something that simply cannot be avoided. Whatever you think of Twitter, the microblogging site, its global influence cannot be understated and any company not engaging on the medium – especially in the technology sphere – is, quite frankly, a conspicuous absentee. Twitter is not Facebook, a personal nice-to-have social network which also bred some popular resistance; it’s an absolute business necessity.

You just have to look at the publicity afforded to it by Barack Obama and more recently its sixth most-followed celebrity, Stephen Fry, can be read here banging the drum for Twitter.

At Hatch PR we’ve been members for over a year, using Twitter to network and win business, yet repeatedly we meet potential clients whose thoroughly 1.0 PR agencies haven’t even mentioned the site to them, let alone its benefits.

With only 140 text characters with which to communicate Twitter finally cuts the convoluted rubbish out of marketing speak and forces marketers to focus on the core message. It’s imperative as a business to ensure the following when using Twitter to engage with their audience:

-Personalise your set up: don’t use a logo, use a person. For example, Virgin Atlantic uses Richard Branson’s image

- Have the marketing team manage it: Web 2.0 marketing is a conversation, a dialogue. This means firms need to respond to the public’s questions rather than the tradition one-way format of advertising

- Use Twitter to make offers, that way word-of-mouth will spread and you’ll pick up more followers

- Stay on message: Brands are always going to be treated with suspicion by some who may try and invoke a reaction. Don’t rise to the bate and get in a very public spat

- Check out TechCrunch’s guide to increasing your followers

Talk to us if you’d like more advice on Web 2.0 marketing. You can also follow us here and here. It’s imperative to keep abreast of developments, whatever you think of them and for however they remain current or relevant – until the next big thing, of course. And at Hatch PR you can bet we’ll be on top of that, too.

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